About us

Fluxcode is a company from the north of Germany. Founded out of a passion for technical optimization and intuitive, comfortable usability. Our expertise with Track & Trace goes back to 2017, when the tobacco company we worked with, had to implement this technology.
The family owned business always prefers tailor-made in-house solutions, which made us develop our own software.

Today this software is supporting more than 60 production lines.

The main focus is to develop software that presents complex processes and guidelines in a simple and transparent way for the end user.

Technical understanding is not required, the setup process is simple and easy to use.
It is important for us that customers can rely on the software.

This requires high quality – simply made in Germany.
"Fluxcode converts highly complex processes
and guideline requirements into a tool that can be used intuitively."
René Petton, Founder of Track & Trace
René Petton
"Especially for high speed productions it is essential that software runs stable. Convenience and reliability is our philosophy."
Mitja Carstensen Gründer
Mitja Carstensen