Fluxcode Suite

The Fluxcode suite is designed to implement product serialization and Track & Trace according to your own or given guidelines.
In some industries serialization is required by the authorities.

The Fluxcode suite is independent of the industry. Our solution can also be used in other sectors (beverages, perfume, tires, cosmetics, etc.). If you as a company want to use a worldwide unique serialization on your own responsibility to verify the authenticity of your products or to give customers the possibility to validate this, you have the right partner with Fluxcode.

Using the tobacco industry as an example, we show how Fluxcode implements the problems of Track & Trace and supports companies in overcoming this technical challenge.

The Fluxcode modules are currently available in english or german language.

The Fluxcode suite is divided in 5 core modules:

Ordering & downloading UID (unique identifier) from ID Issuer.

Creating of globally unique identifier with included additional customer information.
Sending of different data (like shift code, lot no., production date etc.) and UID (unique identifier) to printer.

Connection to aggregation system (e.g. Hermos). Downloading aggregation data and processing of different checks for consistency and validation.

Sending previously elaborately processed data to a repository. Messages like application, aggregation, dispatch, arrival etc. can be sent.

In addition, we provide you with some help applications to make the process even easier, clearer and better for you:

FluxPrint GUI: Complete overview of all connected printers. Detailed information about the print and technical data. The user can intervene in the printing process. Simple traffic light system allows problems to be identified and rectified directly. Powerful tool for the production process!
Easy setup of data and information from the Fluxcode Suite. Moreover, various views, functionalities and statistics are available to have everything in view and, in case of problems, to fix them quickly without any knowledge of programming languages:
Android application which can be installed on a portable handheld scanner. Especially for work in the warehouse locations a helpful tool. Messages, information and document scans can be generated or viewed directly from the handheld scanner.
Workstation application for entering basic data. By connecting a hand-held scanner, new messages and corresponding document scans can be made via this.
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Do you want to implement Track & Trace in your company and want to get a quick overview of all core modules of the Fluxcode Suite?

Check this out!

Want to get a glimpse of what production looks like under Track & Trace conditions? Here you can see from laser printing packages with double coding, printing of bundle labels to scanning of T&T data by cameras from the aggregation system.

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